The best positions for your sex Sunday!  

Apollo602021 61M  
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11/14/2021 2:49 pm

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11/14/2021 9:58 pm

The best positions for your sex Sunday!

The best positions for your Sunday!

The anal position,
The cunninlingus position eating pussy,
The doggystyle position,
The fellatio position blowjobs,
The fingering position,
The footjobs position,
The handjobs position,
The missionary position,
The reverse cowgirl position,
The swings position,
These are not all the positions so if I missed any add them in your comments!
Thank you and a great sexsual Sunday!

The best positions for your sex Sunday!
The anal position
The cunninlingus position
The doggystyle position
The fellatio position
The fingering position
The footjob position
The handjobs position
The missionary position
The reverse cowgirl position
The swings position

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gift4yougurl 52M
11 posts
12/3/2021 6:22 pm

reverse cow gurl in front of a mirror to see the hard clitty of my trans gf ride me

readyn_discreet 64M
8 posts
11/25/2021 2:02 pm

Any position works for and the more cocks the merrier

Susp5 64F

11/20/2021 8:30 am

Doggy style, but all are hot

polytype_blkmale 56M
15 posts
11/19/2021 11:20 pm

All fair in luv lol.

Cumfullyhot 39M
18 posts
11/19/2021 7:34 am

Anal position

Ray94134 65M
26 posts
11/19/2021 12:36 am

Just having my head on his lap.

sweetcock567 46M
6 posts
11/18/2021 3:08 pm


1seeking1 56F
3750 posts
11/18/2021 12:12 pm

I require a variety of positions, one just not enough 😉 my favorite male on a chair low enough my feet can touch the ground, facing him, I am in control of penetration, allows for kissing, breast stimulation, also quite a comfortable position.

talltimber38 74M
21 posts
11/16/2021 5:09 am

How can you ask for only one position? I'll take a good fuck any way!

cozzycouple 63M/64F  
583 posts
11/16/2021 3:42 am

Better to give and recieve

Deepnwide76 45M  
57 posts
11/15/2021 8:47 pm

I like it cowgirl reverse I like to get balls an all I can ride till u buck me or cum in me

yours_n_mine 64M  
131 posts
11/15/2021 7:31 pm

The one I voted for was doggy style as the option. I also like to straddle a nice hard cock and then slowly lower myself down on to it. Working it slowly inch after inch into my ass until I've bottomed out on it, or I've taken all that I can. Then working his cock into a cum shooting frenzy while he man handles my nipples.

idblueswoman 63F  
827 posts
11/15/2021 3:18 pm

This is a stupid poll..

Oh_Daddy_Yes 57M  
34 posts
11/15/2021 12:05 pm

I like the position where the woman is in the same room with me.

Is there one seeking the arms and comfort of an older man?

Leegs2012 48M
87528 posts
11/15/2021 11:28 am

VOTED: The cunninlingus position!!

olderboy48 72M  
79 posts
11/15/2021 10:12 am

It allows for the deepest penetration and use of hands on clit and breasts.

Harlyman54321 48M  
79 posts
11/15/2021 9:52 am

Like anal. Nothing like cum dripping out of my tight ass and filled up.

TnTvariety 59M
31 posts
11/15/2021 8:37 am

For Lazy Sunday Sex, Spooning is a good relaxing position.....

Only_one_14 52F
4249 posts
11/15/2021 7:31 am

Oh the egg!! My favorite daily lover. Sunday would have been a good day to lay around naked and be licked all throughout the day.

A Man who knows how to use his tongue is extremely useful!

SmokinatorME 41M
2 posts
11/15/2021 2:56 am


samsquatch1971 50M

11/15/2021 2:52 am

all of the above of course, but Doggie is my favorite.

13619 posts
11/15/2021 1:30 am

I love all positions, but may be a preference for fellation position!!


author51 58F  
126493 posts
11/14/2021 11:25 pm

Doggystyle for me my sexy friend..xoxo

Apollo602021 61M  
3862 posts
11/14/2021 9:58 pm

Thanks for your comment!

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PonyGirl1965 56F
20295 posts
11/14/2021 9:23 pm

I want cowgirl. Facing my man so he has a face full of breast and nipple.

Passi0natelu5t 36M
12 posts
11/14/2021 7:51 pm

All are so hot

Apollo602021 61M  
3862 posts
11/14/2021 6:18 pm

    Quoting nova197238:
    I like the woman on top facing me position best.
A woman on top!

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nova197238 58M
202 posts
11/14/2021 5:22 pm

I like the woman on top facing me position best.

Apollo602021 61M  
3862 posts
11/14/2021 3:20 pm

I know a woman on top is a great position which I enjoy often!

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Apollo602021 61M  
3862 posts
11/14/2021 3:19 pm

Is a woman using a sex toy a position?

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