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How I Realized I am a Cuck
Posted:May 27, 2021 1:38 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2021 5:00 am

How and When I Realized I Am a Cuck (true story)

I met her on a dating site, we had a fun first meet/date and enjoyed talking about just commonalities and things – nothing kinky or kink related. I was not overly attracted to her, but she was very interesting, intelligent and we had great conversation. I walked her to her car and the couple of beers made it easy to kiss her – so I kissed her. It was a very sensual, enjoyable kiss. We kissed and said our good byes.

We chatted on the phone and met again. This time, the dominant submissive talk came up and she wasn’t opposed to any of it, and seem intrigued. We shared some experiences, and continued to see each other a couple of more times. No sex, only talk and drinks and a kiss. After more dates, we drifted apart for no great reason, we just drifted.

About months later, she called , out of the blue and told she wanted dominate . My interest peaked as I had not been with a dominant woman for quite some time and yearned for the domination. We got together again, dinner at my place, and boy, did she dominate me. She gave me a safe word, she had her way with me, in a dominant/submissive way, she had me strip, I was on my knees at her command, she even squirted on me while standing over me, without any physical contact with her – she loved it and I loved it. We were both surprised at the roles we took on and fell into with such ease.

Next thing I knew, we were dating, dates in, we discussed sex with other people. She told that she had steady and regular friends with benefits, and that she didn’t want be sexual with anyone else, yet she wanted continue fucking other men. If I was not monogamous her, then she would not allow date her. As crazy as it sounds, it seemed reasonable and perfectly normal – so I agreed not see anyone else and would only be sexual with her. As we had this discussion, my cock was getting hard and before I knew it, I was wanting be inside her, which on this occasion, she allowed but warned that this was a privilege and not expect sex with her every time. I told her I understood and agreed.

From this point forward, it evolved, to chastity, to her dressing me like a and acting like a on her command, to her literally feeding me at a dinner party in a 4 star restaurant at a table of people. The humiliation was already set and expected and her control over was undeniable.

The true, final act/event which I undeniably realized my role in a relationship with a woman, came when she suggested we go a local nude resort. She was quite excited go as she had never been one before, but told that I would be caged, in chastity. She locked up on Wednesday. Friday came, she stopped at her FWB’s house and had her pussy filled with cum before picking me up, and of course told me about it on the way. We went to the nude resort, I was in chastity all weekend long. The first walk out of the cabin and to the common area, nude except for the chastity, was embarrassing, but she put me at ease with her loving dominant and humiliating way. The next day, in broad daylight, by the pool, for all to see, including the sexy woman, and the man with the nice cock which she constantly was talking about and pointing out when he walked by, I was truly humiliated, yet felt proud and felt my place in the relationship was proper. I was hers and for her pleasure only, when she wanted me. She loved humiliating me and I loved being humiliated by her.

I am cuc
His Apartment - a cuckold story
Posted:May 27, 2021 1:36 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2021 5:09 am

this is based on facts:

He hears a “ping” from his phone and looks down see the from his girlfriend, “Did you change the sheets as I asked?”

His only response, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. We should be done by 4:30, but wait for my .”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He loses focus on everything except for her and her lover. He feels his cage tighten as his cock tries grow.

This is a new experience for him. Amanda has met a new man and his apartment is much more convenient for her entertain her new lover. He offered it passing, kidding, however, she perked up and loved the idea and felt it would be much more convenient for her pleasure.

She has yet allow him sex of any kind with her, he has not even seen her naked yet, and the only romantic contact was holding her hand and kissing. She did like him and wanted a lasting relationship with her, so she was denying him sex in order build a substantive relationship, but also felt that she should not be deprived of sex, which he understood and agreed, after all, this was his role – her emotional fulfillment.

She mentioned that she wanted to see her new friend with benefits more often, but due to the distance between them, it was difficult, so he mentioned why not use his apartment, in passing and somewhat kidding, but she perked up at that idea and thought it was a great idea and thanked him. He was a little shocked and no less humiliated at the thought of his girlfriend having sex in his bed with another man, before even having seen her naked. What has he gotten himself into?

She was excited to fuck another man in his bed.

He wanted to something her, but did not know what , as anything would be obvious – she was going use his bed fuck another man and he could not do anything about it as he relinquished control her long ago. So, he just tried concentrate on work until it was time go home – in another four hours, which he knew her new lover was able fuck her for hours on end, and cum multiple times. He wanted be there, but was unable leave work, not that he had that option as she did not want him there anyway.

Thirty minutes later, he receives another from his keyholder, this time, it was only a picture of his neatly made bed, with her pink thong panties lying on top of the comforter. His first thought was “she is really going to do this,” as his cage tightened again and his heart sank a little bit. He did not know what to reply, so he only replied with a “you really are going to do this, Ma’am?”

Five minutes later, another “ping,” and another picture, this time was a picture of her, sitting on the edge of his bed with her lover’s cock in her mouth – obviously taken by him. His heart sank, his cock grew, and he sat down in his chair not able to think of anything else except what was going on in his apartment – on his bed. He responded as instructed, but no more than a “thank you Ma’am,” as he was not able to think of anything else. One more ‘ping’ which read: “She is going to be busy for a while, finish your work day and wait for her texts,” which was obviously written by him. She now is allowing her lover to humiliate him. His cock tightened the cage, and he began to finish his office work, as instructed. He was quite obedient, which she loved about him.

His heart sank and a warm rush filled his body and concentrated between his legs as he felt his balls squeeze at the restricted attempt of his cock to become hard. He sat down, but that only made it physically more uncomfortable, so he stood up again. He returned to his computer and obeyed his Love and returned to his work, all the while thinking of his Love in bed, his bed, with another man.

After an hour went by with no communication from his Love, he hears a ping, and jumps with anxiety for his phone. It was a text from a co-worker about meeting for an afternoon coffee. He was disappointed, but was optimistically expecting Amanda. He hesitated to respond, but eventually accepted her invitation for coffee as it would keep his mind busy. He met his co-worker in the usual place at the elevator bank and they traversed down to the lower level. AS they were standing in line, he heard another ping, and quickly reached for his phone to read the text. It was from Amanda. His heart sank a little bit and was not sure if he wanted to read her text, but knew he was dying to read it. He looked around and noticed that his co-worker was looking at him with a curious look and a smile. He smiled back and read the text,

“Hi cucky! We are taking a break after round 1. Oh my! What a lovely bed you have!”

He felt as if his co-worker could read the text as well, as he felt his face go flush and a warm rush ran throughout his body. She looked at him,

“Everything ok?” He replied with a forced smile of humiliation, “yeah, for her.” His co-worker looked him with a bit of shoc He, not realizing what he said, tried retract his words, but they were already out there.

“Who is ‘her’?” she asked. They retrieved their coffee and sat down. She looked at him with great curiosity and he was now embarrassed and could not think of anything say or explain, and Susan would not let this go. So he told her more about Amanda. Susan had already known about Amanda, that Michael was starting to date her, but did not know about his role.

As Michael began to tell Susan that Amanda and he had only kissed, but she had a friend with benefits, (he only mentioned one, not all ,) another ‘ping’ hit his phone. He looked down and knew it was from Amanda – Susan looked with excitement,

“Oh, is that her? What does it say?!”

He opened the , Susan trying peek at it, it read, “Are you there? Are you mad at for fucking him in your bed and you have yet feel ?” He responded with, “No Ma’am, I am not mad at you in the least, I know my role and your needs. I was in a meeting…..I am glad you are enjoying me bed.”

“How are you feeling knowing I am in your bed with another man?”

“Humiliated, jealous, excited, embarrassed. How are you feeling, Ma’am?”

“Great – as you should! I am loving this, it feels so great!!! He has returned next , and licking my breast – time for round 2!”

Feeling more humiliated, he replied, “Yes, Ma’am, I am glad you are enjoying yourself.”

“VERY MUCH!” Then there were no more pings.

“Well?! What did she say?!” Susan excitedly asked.

Michael continued telling her about Amanda and how she was depriving him of sex, but not herself, and then paused. He then led into how Amanda wanted to have sex in his bed…with someone else, and that is where she was right this very moment. Even though Susan was somewhat shocked, she was not as shocked as Michael expected, thought it did not diminish his sense of humiliation, now that he has confided in a female co-worker. She kind of giggled a little, and embarrassed him more by stating how humiliating that must feel. With those words, his cage got tighter, now, another woman was humiliating him, and she doesn’t even know he is in chastity and the key is on Amanda’s necklace around her neck, in his bed, probably swinging with every thrust from her lover. He then had a thought that he hoped they were not disturbing the neighbors – he has no idea how loud, or not loud, she is during sex. OMG! He was feeling quite submissive now, between these thoughts and his co-worker making fun of him, his balls ached, cage was tight and there was nothing he could do about this situation. His mind was spinning.

Susan kept asking all sorts of questions, mostly what it was about, his experience, and enjoyment about this type relationship, so they sat and talked for a while, it is not as if Michael was able to concentrate on work, anyway. Eventually, in his submissive and humiliated state of mind, Michael told Susan everything, his first cuckold relationship, to his presently caged coc She now knew most everything about him and was shocked, but intrigued, and smiled and even laughed a little when he told her his penis was under lock and key as they spoke. She unknowingly added to his humiliation by looking up what the chastity device looked like on her phone – and laughed, a bit out loud.

Soon after their conversation, another ‘ping,’ which read,

“When will you be home?” He responded with, “When am I allowed to come home, Ma’am?”

She responded with instructions to return home in an hour, and that they were taking a break and probably go for another round as she sent him a photo of her lover’s semi-hard coc He was also her when he was a block away. He replied in the affirmative and then turned Susan and filled her in with their recent , even showing her the picture she sent. Susan looked at him with excitement. They chatted a bit longer, and eventually went back their office finish the day.

As he was leaving his office, he passed Susan’s desk, and she gave him a wicked grin, “Let know how it goes,” with a chuckle. He spoke no words, but blushed with embarrassment and humiliation while his caged tightened a little.

The ride home was uncomfortable in his crotch and felt like forever. He could not help what he would see when he opened his apartment door. As he approached his apartment, he texted her as instructed, and waited for a reply. Ten minutes went by before a response. He was getting anxious, but also a bit mad for having wait, but realized and knew he could not do anything about it.

“Ping.” He looked at his phone, “Hello cuck boy, how are you doing?” He replied short with patience, “Fine, Ma’am.” “Just fine? I thought you would be happy knowing I got fucked in your bed!” He quickly went back his place, “Yes Ma’am, I am glad, I only wished it was who was doing the fucking.” “Ah, one day, cucky, one day. I am waiting for you at your apartment, it is time for you come home.” He thought himself, ‘finally!’ but in no way could that back her, so instead he replied, “thank you Ma’am, I will be there shortly.” He walked quickly.

He opened the door his apartment and she was sitting there, fully clothed, hair a mess and cheeks flushed, from the hours of sex. She stood up and gave him a big hug and deep sensual kiss which he received with pleasure as his cage tightened more, squeezing his now painful balls.

She pulled away from his lips and asked, “I hope you are doing ok, I want to thank you for the use of your bed – what a great cuck you are! By the way, how did you like the taste of his cum?”

He dropped to humiliation, knowing the taste on her kiss was fresh cum.
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