Warning: this might challenge you  

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3/28/2020 4:03 pm
Warning: this might challenge you

This is written by the male half of our couple.

Disclaimer: I may be late the party, but I wanted write about this because I feel that many people can learn and enjoy this. This is not a medical fact, merely based perception. I don't pretend this is a universal truth, nor do I wish impose it anyone. I enjoy what I will be describing and my partner too, and I think some of you might as well.

I am always looking into ways to explore sexuality and redefine my sexual masculinity, and so doing, I have stumbled onto a very interesting, albeit challenging proposition.

You know that part of sex when all is good? Like reallllllllly good. When your partner is swimming in pleasure. Fully open and nearly forgetting everything about everything, just being there with you, sharing the intensity.

That moment when there is no time, no questions, no doubts, just you and her, you and him, you and this other body animated by desire and pleasure.

At that moment, you feel a rush of strength, of power, surging from your loins. It might creep a bit your belly, your back, but then, it goes your member and the place where it connects with your lover or partner explode. The surge finds its way out, and you spill your sperm.

For , that is how things went for a long time. be honest, it has always been like that for except for a rare occasion where we had stop too quickly because of a phone call or worse, an in-law ringing the doorbell.

This is where the aforementioned technique comes in. Sorry for the pun.

Picture the scene again, you feel all the energy or drive, or whatever you want to call it surging inside because surging is the good word for it, it's like a wave building and moving through your lower body.

And at the moment when the wave is about exit your body, you take a firm hold, and you don't let go. You keep it in.

You might say, ''hey, you are just saying you want last longer, we've been there, nothing see here!'' but no, that's not why I do it.

I don't plan on ejaculating at in this situation. I let the wave surge inside of completely.

Why would I do that? Why I willing chose not ejaculate as my partner is climaxing, maybe soaking the sheets the while?

According some beliefs, namely Tantra, male ejaculation is a major release of energy. It is fairly obvious when we look at it physicially, your sperm rushing out, but for me, at least, it also feels like I am drained of some part of my energy afterward. I may be the only man feel like I have less energy after ejaculating, but I don't think so!

Holding on your ejaculation, letting that powerful energy flow inside of does exactly the opposite. Once the wave has receded, I am ready for more. Since the ejaculation is also gratifying for my partner and that there was none, she is also ready for more. For us, it's a win win.

that being said, I'm curious read what you think about retention. Not for the purpose of delaying but with the intention of enjoying it. Have you tried it? Are you doing it frequently or do you want give it a try?

If there is any interest, I might write another entry with the how practice it and what are the effects it has, at least.

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3/28/2020 5:51 pm

Arrgghhh, those bloody in-laws

Oldengamer76 43M
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3/28/2020 8:06 pm

I would have to look it up again; but, I was under the impression that this kind of ejaculation retention can cause urinary tract infections in men. I'll have to research and get back to you.

author51 57F  
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3/29/2020 12:17 am

It sounds the same as edging, where you are just on the verge of the surge and than you purposefully tighten up or shall we say Hold it in to lengthen the session of love making.Your post gave me food for thought and reading the male perspective...Good post.

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Stge1 replies on 3/29/2020 5:08 am:
Thanks for the reply. I agree with you, on the surface the two looks much the same.

While edging, which is a practice I did not know about, is purely for extending the duration of the intercourse, the retention practice I talk about here is not in the same purpose. The goal here is to fully use that energy generated by your body and it's potential benefits.

Stge1 29M/30F  
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3/29/2020 5:04 am

To be transparent, I deleted a reply from someone, not because I had something against the person but because the wording could be read as an attack on certain people's beliefs, which will not be tolerated in this space.

We want our blog to be a safe space where everyone may discuss openly and freely about a given subject without fear of judgment.

Lastly, we do not wish promote any ideas that might be harmful to a person. Bear in mind that the experimentation that we do, as soft as they are, are done by two healthy adult in excellent physical condition. If attempted by someone with health issues or generally declining health, we don't recommend.

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