I sware I am gonna start naming theifs  

Unicorngigglebox 39M/21F
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6/11/2021 9:27 pm
I sware I am gonna start naming theifs

Seriously, with services like google image, Bing image, and Tineye, how can people think they are gonna get away with stealing photos of others? I came across one such user today who had OBVIOUS fake testimony on their profile, DOZONS of stolen pics of model B. R**e. (Saying the models name would unfortunately also say the users name therefore breaking site's TOS)

I only had to tineye search 3 random pics of theirs and came up with sometimes over 18 sites with said image posted on it.

Dumb fucks get a clue and stop stealing pics.

And if anyone ever finds OUR pics somewhere other than Fet, Hot Socials, or Alt, I would like to know so I can talk to my lawyer about a DCMI Takedown notice being slapped on them.

SingleItalianGy2 49M  
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6/11/2021 10:54 pm

They either don't care or are to dumb.

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