Wind Walker Speaking
This is my space to invent and share my stories.
I have always dealt with intense sexual desire as long as I can remember
We are all here looking and wondering what if anything may be discovered that would offer answers to questions we ask ourselves, touching each other using words alone.
So what is the voice within us seeking, what Is it searching for? Does it simply need to be heard? Is it asking someone to lay with, hold , fuck, make love to? Does it want the body it inhabits to experience feelings and sensations that spring from deeper fantasies? Tie me up, blind fold me , hurt me, heal me but most importantly open me up to myself. Will you, can you do this for me and I will try and do the same for you.
Because when it is all said and done, we are all just walking with the wind.
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A Maiden In The Mountains Part 3
Posted:Jan 20, 2022 10:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 1:17 pm
Continued From Part 2

A Maiden In the Mountains Part 3

Even as a leaf changes color in the fall it still contains all the memory of its days in summers sunlight.
Releasing them in those moments before it must surely let go of the security and force of life the tree once offered it so freely.
Those feelings of anticipation and desire that can sometimes be so illusive and become dull or blunted as we become older.
The memory of holding hands, or a first kiss, or the first time two bodies held each other naked in the moonlight as the warm breath of summer whispered into our ears like a prayer, saying, Yes, you are alive. Yes you can feel and touch and laugh and open your heart to all the pleasure, and the pain, the joy and the sorrow that surely will follow.

I walked toward the trail head to the waterfall.
My entire body was filled with the vibrations of having encountered such a beautiful young woman.
That sense of knowing something before you actually know it.
The innocence in her eyes, the childlike smile of the older woman who will always wear it.
The glow and energy of her body radiating out from its source in nature that will ultimately demand so much from it.
Claiming back all her gifts once her purpose has been achieved.
Childbirth and then old age will be the results of her hands as she takes those fragrant and delicate pedals and lays them back on top of her breast and this Earth.

I reached the trail head and decided I would wait there so she would not be alone in the woods which will be much darker at this time of day.
Light moves strangely in the Mountains.
The shadows created by them lengthen and retreat depending on what they expose to the light, standing like giants in its path.
I took a cigarette out and lit it as I walked off the path a short distance to sit on a large rock there.
The woods are filled with the subtle never ending bustle of small creatures scurrying around, going about the chores of their life. Chipmunks, mice, voles, snakes all part of that hidden world, unless we stop and take time to notice it.
Another quirk of the forest is how easily you can become just another part of ot by blending in by being still and silent. It can seem as if you can just disappear.
After a while I heard soft footsteps approaching.
She was walking briskly and with purpose.
Wearing shorts and a tube top, she had a long sleeve shirt tied around her waist by using its arms.
Her long hair pulled into a pony tail, covered only by a baseball cap with the New York Yankees logo printed on it.
She knew how to hike in these woods and wore wool socks and hiking boots suitable to the rough rocky terrain they would surely encounter.
A small day back hung off her shoulder.
I decided to be a little playful so I stayed off the trail and followed her from that vantage point.
I knew how to be quiet in the woods but human beings will always be the noisiest part of it, whenever moving inside of it.
At one point she stopped and looked directly at me because she obviously heard something. I stood motionless and so I just disappeared.
She turned and kept walking.
I walked at a faster pace and got a head of her enough to stand behind a tree trunk right on the trails edge.
Just as she came along side I stepped out and said Hey. Not loudly, but I knew I wouldnt need to it would have the desired affect
She jumped and let out her surprise with her voice.
Then she came up and punched me hard on my arm.
She was angry and so I came up and took both of her arms into my hands.
I looked into her eyes smiling and playfully said in an exaggerated way Im sorry making a face like a puppy asking for forgiveness. Then the mixture of her fear, anger and surprise melted away and became a smile.
Why did you do that? She asked.
I laughed and said, Because I could and now you owe me one.
She said Yes I do, and you will pay.
I was still holding her arms and for a brief second there was a slight feeling of awkwardness and she looked into my eyes as if she were waiting for something and so I kissed her on the mouth.
It is truly difficult to express in words what is a first kiss like when young lovers meet.
Centuries of sonnets and other forms of poetry, art and music have and continue to try and capture it in the retelling.
I wont attempt to compete with them here and now, but will only say, That if I could explain what a flower pedal feels from the touch of a drop of morning dew upon its lips. Or what a bird feels right at the very instant it becomes supported by only the thin air surrounding its wings, then I might begin to give it meaning.
Our lips parted and we felt both the attachment and the release it created at the very same time.
Our hands slipped as naturally as the dawn into each others and we began to hike up the trail.
We didnt say anything for a time and there was no need to because our bodies spoke to each other in that silence.
Perhaps there is a similarity in older people who have lived together and loved each other and experienced a lifetime of sharing it in that same way. Or maybe they are just tired. In reality it is most likely both.
Eventually we fell into the conversation of getting to know more about each others lives.
She was raised within the Jewish faith and I was brought up Catholic.
She lived in NYC I was from Upstate New York.
We were only two years apart in age.
It has always been a curiosity to me about how time and age are experienced through our lives.
When we are 10 years old a difference of two years seems like a long time. Even into our teenage years that can be true but that is where it begins to shift. When we are twenty five, five years or more doesnt seem to matter all that much. Then we reach Thirty or Forty and even ten years or more has little meaning but the it begins to change again. When we are 50 or 60 and beyond the numbers begin to matter once again. Sometimes but not always.
Life experience, physical changes weigh more heavily.
What attracts us matters as well.
Is it strictly physical in nature or when it is someones intellect and how they communicate that makes us feel that mysterious and undefinable attraction.
Yet like the invisible energy of magnets it can and does go both ways.
Men and women can still find each other in spite of that labyrinth of numbers, because they feel something in each other that calls to them and always will.
We reached a point on the trail where it became very rocky and steep. Finding footing became more difficult and laborious.
After a time we stopped and I handed her my canteen. We both drank. She let some of the water drip from the edges of her lips and I found that really sensual for some reason. She poured a little into her hand and wiped her face and forehead and slipped her hand down her neck.
She must have sensed me watching her and she looked at me smiling and passed the canteen back to me.
I took the bandana I was wearing off my head I poured some water on it and opened it to retie it around my neck.
This is a good trick because it will cool your blood as it travels past it closer to the surface at you neck and then throughout your body acting like an air conditioner inside your body.
The wrist is also a very good place to do this if someone becomes overheated for any reason.
She looked at me and asked what I was doing and so I explained it.
She had a scarf in her back so I prepared it for her as well and then I put it around her neck for her. I was sitting behind her and she was nestled between my legs with her back to me.
She leaned her head forward and held her hair way from her neck as I did it.
I began noticing everything about her. The way she spoke or laughed. The soft tiny hairs on the back of her neck. Its grace and small birth mark only I could see. They became a blueprint of her beauty in my mind.
Before I tied the damp scarf around it I blew air on her neck,
She scrunched her shoulders and said your giving me goosebumps.
I asked, Is that good or bad.?
She paused for a minute and said, I like goosebumps.
She turned slightly and looked at me smiling.
I then kissed her neck very gently several times letting my lips brush against it as I moved from spot to spot.
Her hands found my claves and she gripped them as I did so.
A Maiden In The Mountains Part 2
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 7:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 1:23 pm
Continued from Part 1

A Maiden In the Mountains Part2

I watched her until she reached the shore and when she got out of the water she looked back at me and waved and gestured as if she blew me a kiss.
I was completely smitten.
When we are young, the energy of life will not be denied. It is constantly pushing and pulling us, beckoning us to unfold, to reach out and in some way we can touch it, acknowledge its power and express it in every possible way.
Unquestioningly, the most powerful force it has is to reveal, is that it must renew itself through us and everything it creates.
I stayed on the island a little while longer, thinking about her and what might come next.
Eventually I swam back to shore and returned to our campsite.
My friend was having a beer reading a book. He smiled at me and said Are you having fun? and handed me a lit joint.
I took it from him and inhaled deeply. Oh man you have no idea.
I had purchased a pound of grass before we left on the trip and I had brought half of it with me.
In those days it was much different than it is for young people now, in many ways.
The weed is way more powerful than it was then and for some reason it also seems more gentle as a result. Getting high just seemed less burdened by the social attitudes that seem to exist for young people today.
My friend and I sat and talked and enjoyed the afternoon together and after a while I decided to take a walk on one of the trails.
As I went through the campground on route to the trail head, I encountered the campsites along the dirt path, people going about their routines, running around laughing and playing. The smell of woodsmoke from small campfires as the heat from the day began to subside.
That is another aspect of the Mountains that I love, how the weather and temperature change, so that a hot day becomes a cool evening like a giant air conditioner had been turned on. When the stars finally appear they feel closer, brighter, and without all the light generated by a city, you see so many more of them as the milky way exposes herself.
Just as I was walking by the bathhouse, she appeared again carrying a towel and some things to use in the shower.
Her face lit up and I am sure mine did as well.
I said, Well this is a nice surprise do you need any help?
She blushed a laughed, No I think I can manage thank you. Where are you headed?
I am just in the mood for a hike to check out some of the woods.
She pointed at one of the signs to the trail head up ahead, That one leads to a waterfall not too far away its pretty secluded because its a steep climb to get to it. The forest is dense but then it opens up and you can see the sky.
Wow that sounds really cool thanks.
Do you want me to meet you there later? Her face was more serious and she seemed a little nervous as well.
It is going to start getting dark wont your parents object?
I will tell them I am going to hang out with some friends at another campsite, they wont care.
She looked into my eyes with anticipation. My body was going crazy inside with all the feelings and possibilities this all suggested to it.
Far out that sounds like a plan. I will grab a few things first and see you later.
She smiled and got very excited and then came up and kissed me on my cheek and then turned and headed toward the shower. She looked over her shoulder and smiled just before going inside.
I felt very excited and a little nervous as well but in a good way.
I went back to my campsite, my friend was tending a campfire he had started, Whats up man? he said
I am going to take a hike up to waterfall I heard about and hang out.
Cool I will come with you. and he turned to go into the tent.
I put my hand out and touched his shoulder I looked into his eyes smiling and said, Maybe next time.
It took him a second , then he understood. He laughed and said, You fucker how the hell did you manage that?
I said the Gods love me and shrugged my shoulders.
I grabbed my day pack and threw my denim jacket, a sweater and shirt into it. I was wearing shorts so I also wrapped a pair of jeans just in case as well. I paused to consider things looking around. I found my flashlight and put my knife on my belt. I made sure I had strike anywhere matches and a compass which was ubiquitous for me no matter how much I trusted a trail.
I wasnt necessarily worried about rain but thunderstorms occur often in the mountains with very little notice in the summer, so there is always a rain poncho in my pack.
I went outside and opened the cooler and grabbed a six pack of beer. I was just standing up to ask my friend if he had and before I could finish the sentence I turned and he was standing there holding two joints in his hand smiling.
Now thats a friend.
I took them and put them in my cigarette box in my T shirt pocket.
My friend and I clasped hands in the fashion of the time which started out as a normal handshake and then we slid you hands so it became a grip of your fingers together and then our index fingers pointed at each other just before we let go.
He lit another joint and took a hit and passed it to me, I took one as well. When I went to hand it back he said, Keep it brother. One for the road. and smiled. I smiled and pinched the fire off the head and put it in my cigarette pack.
Lastly I filled my canteen with water and attached it to my pack and headed out.
A Maiden in the Mountains Part 1
Posted:Jan 15, 2022 10:45 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 8:12 am
A Maiden in the Mountains
Part 1

It was a long time ago but it can still feel as if it were just yesterday.
That is how our lives float in time.
Our memories like the light from distant stars now long gone, sending their light as a living memory of their existence, endlessly traveling across the lonesome universe.
I embrace the light when it appears and once again see the vision that was created within it.
I was roaming through the mountains with a good friend.
The kind of journey that had no other purpose than to allow life to unfold without expectation.
Traveling in my car which I brought back to life by installing an engine purchased from a junk yard. A labor of youthful desire for the freedom it represented.
Those days were often filled with adventure and self discovery amplified by the energy of curiosity and desire for so many things.
I love the mountains in so many ways.
Watching the sky and clouds that crown their mighty heads as the sun moon and stars become the jewels that adorn them.
Drifting through the day on the road, stopping to explore a trail, make camp to rest, eat in a local diner to taste the flavor of the people who inhabit them.
It was getting later in the afternoon of a long lazy warm summer day .
We decided we would pull into a campground where we could catch a shower and take some time to explore from a central location that we could come back to without the need to set up and tear down the tent and gear.
We could swim in the lake and hike the trails that lead to unknown adventure and the beauty that always accompanied the path.
At one point my friend noticed something dripping from underneath the car.
Upon closer inspection I discovered it was coming from the gas tank.
That is a difficult and complicated repair when you are in a familiar town or city where you can access whats needed but here there are only small hamlets with minimal immediately available skills and materials.
We drove into town and pulled into a local garage and like every good adventure should be, there is no predicting what may happen.
The mechanic was a grey haired older man with a wily twinkle in his eye and something else that comes from a mans life experience that lives there when he raises a family and fights the good fight every day.
He took a look at us both with hair down to our shoulders worn denim jeans and bandanas on our heads.
In those days it could go either way quickly. Especially in more rural areas where progressive changes often moved more slowly.
Showing him all the respect do his age and experience and saying sir perhaps more often than required, he took a liking to us and after explaining the situation he put the car on his lift.
He was wearing a tee shirt spotted and smeared from his working hands, grease and oil and the toil associated with them.
He was perhaps moved by the knowledge that I understood many aspects of his work in as much as I installed the engine.
His shirt had the words Dirty Tee Shirt printed on it.
That kind of humour isnt wasted on me.
Ultimately he agrees to take on the challenge. He will get to it when he can as he points to the workload piled up in his parking lot.
I assure him I am just grateful he would even consider doing the work to help me out.
So my friend and I part company with him and take to the road in another familiar mode of transportation for both of us, hitchhiking, to get back to our campsite.
We walked most of the way as wary drivers avoided the prospect of dealing with whatever we may have represented in their minds which made us too risky a proposition.
As we were walking up the road into the campsite a beautiful young woman walked past me in the opposite direction.
We looked directly into each others eyes and we both acknowledged that something passed between us and we both smiled.
She was wearing very short cut off shorts and a loose shirt tied just bellow here very full and beautiful young breast.
She had long blond hair which flowed down over her shoulders.
I could tell she was perhaps a couple of years younger than I was.
She was with what I assumed were he family members at the time.
I looked at my friend who looked back with a broad grin on his face and we did not have to say anything else.
Later that day I decided to go down to the lake for a swim it was a hot muggy afternoon.
When the trail opened out to a small secluded edge of the lake.
I saw her again there as she was laying down on her back in the sun on what amounted to a small sandy beach area.
She acted coyly as if she didnt notice me, so I went into the water and swam out to a small island that you often see in mountain lakes some can be larger and even have cabins on them.
This one was just big enough to support a few trees with large rocks to give it more definition.
Once I arrived there I got out of the water and lay down on a large rock to feel the sun on my body.
I closed my eyes and let the sounds of nature envelop me. They are very subtle but once you start allowing them in they can become a symphony of sound played by bussing insects, the breeze mingling with chirping and a myriad of birdsong.
Suddenly I heard some gentle splashing and when I opened my eyes she was standing in front of me. She was wearing the same cut off jeans and a halter top which was now wet and almost transparent as it clung to her shapely figure.
I was mesmerized by her youthful beauty and her green eyes.
She asked me playfully Am I bothering you?
I said I dont think that is even possible and she smiled sweetly.
I am here with my family, we are up from the city for a couple of weeks on vacation and we have a camper.
Are you camping here?
Yes I am traveling around with my friend and my car broke down so its in town for repair, I am not sure how long it will take.
She continued to stand in front of me knowing she was driving me crazy in her wet shirt.
What do you like to do for fun she? asked with a little wink in her voice.
I said, I like to travel and have adventures and explore places I don't know well and meet new people along the way, and then I paused and looked at her with my most charming style said, Among other things.
She was young and so that may have scared her a little but she recovered quickly by saying playfully I am bored out of my mind here sometimes. My sister and I go into town when we can but there isnt much to do there.
I said, Yeah we dont usually y stay in one place more than a day or two.
By this time her shirt had dried out and she bent down and picked up a stone so that her breast would become visible to me through the shirt opening. She slowly looked up and looked into my eyes smiling knowing this farce had accomplished the task.
She said well I guess I better get back. Maybe we will see each other again.
I stood up and I was a little taller than she was so she looked up at me and I said I hope so.
Then she turned and went back into the water.
She swam out a little ways and then turned and waved at me and swam back to the shore.
A Sweet Memory
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 11:15 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 1:41 pm

I have had a few memorable encounters which were not anticipated.
It seems it can be the case that sometimes when you are not looking for something, that is when it shows up.
I remember an experience when I was doing some work for a woman and I had the opportunity to make a connection which in hindsight I should have pursued.
When we first met, I sensed something between us. There was a sensual connection.
My body felt it and my mind acknowledged it.
A door was opened to a part of myself I had not felt for quite a while and once it was it felt completely natural.
My flirtatious nature comes with a sense of humor automatically,
Our intellects were immediately compatible. She was very classy in every way and a CEO of a well known business locally.
There was an ease in our communication and so she was easy to be with as a result.
This is the kind of scenario that is my kind of fantasy and it was happening in reality.
Through the course of our business relationship we had to meet at my location several times and each time my level of anticipation was heightened just thinking about her.
She dressed very stylishly as a result of her position and her taste was a reflection of her inner character as well. How she saw herself and felt as an extension of her appearance.
I sensed she saw something in me as well. I just wasn't sure if I was reading my feelings correctly.
There came a time for me to come to her home to bring a conclusion to our business together.
Her home was also a reflection of her spirit and style as it can be for us all.
She brought me over to the subject of the work I did and expressed her pleasure with it. She handed me a check in payment and said now that we have that out of our way, would you like a glass of wine?
I said thank you that would be very nice.
She already had everything ready and simply poured it into the waiting glass.
We stood there and just looked into each others eyes in silence.
Not the uncomfortable silence that comes with not knowing what to say, but a silence from a sense of searching , exploring and removing the clothing of any pretense.
We both smiled and took a sip from our glasses.
I set mine down on the counter.
She said lets go into the other room and relax, and led me to her living room,
Everything about her environment was gentle, relaxed and confident. I held my glass and walked over to a photograph of her standing next to a she was stroking its head. She looked like someone from a glamor magazine posing for a product of some kind.
I turned to her and not indicating exactly what I was referring to I looked into her eyes for a moment and said, very beautiful and I am sure she knew exactly what I meant.
She smiled and coyly peered above the rim of her glass and said yes he is a real stud.
I held back my reaction and turned as if to examine the photo again and then turned back to her and said He is pretty large do you have any trouble climbing on top?
She couldn't help it and laughed out loud, but not in a boisterous way.
She said would you mind if I change out of my work clothes?
I said of course not. Please make yourself comfortable.
She walked over to her stereo and began to play some soft music which just happened to be some of my favorite forms of Jazz from the late 1950's early 1960's era.
She said please help yourself to some more wine and I 'll have some as well.
She left the room and I was already thinking about what may happen next.
I was just truly enjoying being with her without any need to decide what that would or should be.
She returned after a short time.
She had removed her workday business suit which was a blouse jacket and skirt. She had beautiful legs and a skirt suited them well.
Her body was in perfect proportion to her petite frame and height.
She exchanged them for a pair of slacks and a sweater which hung over her shoulder on one side.
Her slacks were rather form fitting and exposed the beauty of her anatomy beneath them.
She aroused me on every level, intellectually , physically and emotionally.
I handed her her glass.
She didn't choose to sit on any furniture but instead sat on her rug and beckoned me to follow, which I did.
We sat there and spoke quietly together about our interests and life, eventually arriving at the subject of our relationships with others.
She was divorced and I was married.
She made it clear she had no judgement about that one way or the other. She seemed to be coming from a point of view I was yet to fully understand.
She asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot.
I told her being with her was stimulation enough and I wouldn't want to spoil that feeling by thinking something else was necessary.
She playfully responded by saying: how sweet are you?
I said well Its a matter of taste.
Which once again made her laugh and her eyes became a little fiery.
Would you like to see the rest of the house?
I said sure.
We stood up and she lead me around but it was clear she was not interested in the tour only the destination.
It ended in her bedroom.
This is it. she said, her back was in front of me as she turned to look at me while speaking.
We looked at each other in that same silence once again.
In her eyes I saw something sweet and gentle, shy and vulnerable, strength and fire and there was experience , longing and pain
I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply.
The Power of Touch
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 5:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 11:33 am

The power of touch.
It is undefinable in its truth.
Where does the spring from which it flows begin?
It is a connection that occurs between the physical and the metaphysical world.
The energy of life that exists within all of us can unfold itself in a fingertip.
Our bodies are a complex network of sophisticated nerves and impulse receptors tuned at certain frequencies, that can and will only respond to those impulses of communication that release the energy stored within them.
The concept of healing has always been associated with touch.
A mysterious connection between the spiritual and temporal worlds in which we simultaneously exist.
The power of that energy should never be taken lightly.
When we consider a simple embrace and explore its depth, it is never something we should take for granted. Yet somehow there is something within us that always recognizes its authenticity.
When we are exchanging real feelings and emotions, the act of embracing each other ignites something deep within us.
It is undeniable in its fullness and releases us from a solitude we were not fully comprehending.
Someone understands me. Someone feels me. Someone is touching me.
Life Experience
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 7:18 am
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2022 7:17 am
This is such a strange environment to interact within.
It is a confluence of many things. Fact and fiction, truth and lies, hopes and despair, real and unreal.
Then we must add in the forces behind the curtain who seek to profit from all of it, sending out bogus content to keep us clicking and paying for the privilege.

I am as guilty as the next user.
I think perhaps that is a much better name for this platform. Simply call it Users
Just as in the lyrics sung by Annie Lenox in Sweet Dreams , Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to be used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused.
I find I am inexplicably drawn into the web it all creates.
This notion that something will manifest itself feels mostly like a projection of some unresolved issue of need, want and desire.
So I can lessen the truth by calling it curiosity, which is a word that often appears in a profile.I am curious, just looking.
Some of us see the lake but the idea of actually diving in is daunting. There are things under the surface we just cant see. So we can either get in a boat created by our imagination and paddle around or even wade in as far as we dare.
But like a submarine our signals bounce off of those unknowns and sometimes we just hear our own voices and other times it pings back to us, Hey there guess if I am really here.
There is an undeniable absurdity to our quest.
So while we wander around, we can peek inside the circus tents for the next attraction on the midway and there are roads to explore where people will show you parts of themselves dismembered from their inner life, which seems to be lost as well.
Web Page Lovers
Posted:Jan 5, 2022 4:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2022 7:59 am
Web Page Lovers

The black screen glows as we cast our thoughts, desires, and longings, into the cold abyss and wait for echoes in return.
It can look and feel harsh and desperate, but beneath this surface are souls in need of affection, love and belonging; if only for awhile.
The energy of human desire reaching out for a connection, navigating the digital maze and longing for something primal to ignite passions fire and subdue the endless struggle.
Bodies on display in a cyber shop window.
Who will choose it for pleasure, for friendship, for love,
Authors writing short stories filled with intentions born from unfulfilled or tormented reality.
Web page adventurers with youthful exuberance, search anxiously for completion and exploration and invention.
More mature and seasoned lovers seek to be revived and reborn into their senses.
Life pushes and pulls and gathers energy and the waves rise and fall and pound against a shore that halts the advance and returns it to the endless sea.
So we hold each other in the bright darkness spent and exhausted, wondering why.

Wind Walker
Wind Walker Speaking
Posted:Jan 4, 2022 10:01 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2022 9:07 am

I always dealt with intense sexual desire as long as I can remember.
The underlying forces of my nature in conflict with excepted norms and values.
The results produced by a lifetime of the shadows of guilt or consequence either imagined or real for needing express them.
So this is my safe space where I do not want be safe. I want explore my senses, my mind, the shadows, and the light.
Here in the company of strangers participate by looking through my windows and see me doing all kinds of things.
Touching each other using words alone
.So does the voice within us seek to be heard asking someone to lay with me, hold me, fuck me, make love to me, tie me up, blind fold me , hurt me, heal me but most importantly open me up to myself and I will try and do the same for you.
Because when it is all said and done, we are all just walking with the wind.

Wind Walker
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