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Are Men afraid of an Independent Woman????
Posted:May 4, 2021 8:37 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 6:09 pm

I find it quite interesting... I renewed my site after the death of my husband. .. felt it important feel alive again. We were in the 3way for . We had very good fun. I very much enjoyed the fun with him and with the extra man. My late husband and I had an amazing relationship and marriage. I was very much loved by him. He opened my mind the fun we could have with the extra man. He brought into the Swing Life. He built up....strengthened my inner core being.

Now that I am single...something I never thought would happen...thought we would grow and grey together and die in age. My late husband helped bring out the best in . He showed that I can make it in life on my own. I guess my total independence from a man in my life...runs them away lol lol

Guess what... What is good for the Goose is indeed good for the Gander. Why is it so hard for a man.... who enjoys the sexual get scared and never return? I am not looking for strings, take out often in public, meet your family. You will not meet my family. Oh yes.. meeting someone on a sex site is family/life taboo.

Am I just a 'notch' on your belt? My belt has notches too. I do not give a damm either of the "notches'. I am a self sufficient lady. I my own way in life. I take care of my property... and proud of it. Does that scare a man... that I lady can take care of herself, property and her own way in life?

We are given one life live. I choose enjoy mine... the fullest. I am having a fantastic life!!!
Beware of in a profile
Posted:May 29, 2020 7:53 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2021 7:11 pm

I have recently become aware of a dangerous type of profile posting. Where a lady has her phone number in-bedded in her profile... Men... be very wary of this kind of profile... it is a bogus phone number... it is coming from a hacker. Someone who will try to destroy your life.

For those of us who live normal, real lives....why would we in-bed in our profile a phone number? We would NOT and do NOT! If we chat ... and Choose... to share our number... that is our Choice. We sure as heck do not put it in a profile!!!

There is a so called woman...'funnqueenalone' that all men need to be aware of. Her profile has a couple of very pretty pics and what I call a stupid video...putting silly graphics on her face....Whoopee... graphics on a face! Like that is going to get your attention!! This is a stolen face and identity!!! Do not talk to 'her'!!!

When I say in-bedded .. If you read a profile... and then in the middle of a thought/sentence you see something like this: yadda yadda fivex sixs threeq yadda yadda fourx ninez fivex yaddda yadda yadda onex twos fivex sisxs.... BEWARE!!! This is a computer generated phone number! This is a Hacker!!! One who will do their best to destroy your life!!!

There are many hackers on this site ...trying to get to you... trying to take you for money... threatening to destroy your personal life. I have also learned recently that every profile on Hot Socials is on the DARK WEB... and has been sold many times!!!

Hot Socials is so very much hacked and sold... All of our profiles!!!

Men... I know you are aware of the 'drop dead gorgeous' women who hit you up to pay this or that bill. And I know you, Men, you do not fall for this kind of woman. But the tactic has changed.... you now come across women who have the phone number in-bedded in the profile..... These are hackers of the most dangerous kind around,

Let me explain more.... if you actually text with them... to the number in-bedded in the profile. They will send to you a drivers license of the 'so called woman' in your area. They send the drivers license to prove that they are 'Real'. This sent drivers license is embedded with their encryption..... and they will steal everything in your names, numbers, banking, passwords, etc... anything you keep in your phone.

Then guess what... they are going to Blackmail you for money!!! If you are on this site secretively....they have you.... You will either pay or watch your home life destroyed.

I know that Hot Socials has an option...probably costs verify that you are real. I will not verify who I am... I have had my name for over 10 years....I am very real!!! I do not play the Hot Socials game of verification.

All I want is to help tell Men.. Beware of this kind of profile... What I am telling has happened. To a friend of mine. These hackers are extremely good.

This is real... very damm real!!!
Why would someone steal my profile?
Posted:Feb 20, 2020 8:27 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2021 7:51 pm

Some jackass stole my profile and posted it.. all of it friends list too...on an Oriental Sex site. What did he think it would do to me.. Get real!! I'm American.. I sure as hell can't communicate with Oriental speaking people... I only speak English!

I am a very real lady... love great sex fun. If there is no connection or you do me wrong... then why continue? What would anyone think to gain by posting my ass in a foreign country? I am not a member on the site... so if anyone hits on me.. they get no response. To me this is extremely childish.

I am 58 now.. will be 59 soon.. proud of my age... yes, my listed birthday is real..April 15th.. I do not look it nor act it. I am sexy, vivacious and most definitely Unique!!! If who I think did this, he is 56. Dammm it...I thought once we reach this age we are beyond childish and out right meanness. I guess this falls under being a 'Bully'!!

I found this posting of my profile by pure accident. A friend.. real friend here on Hot Socials... has a warning posted.. mentioning google your Hot Socials name... and I sure as hell found mine.. all of mine. Dammmmm it!!! I have had this profile for a long time and I am very secure in who I am and definitely not ashamed of my sexy ass!

If anyone ever sees my profile on another sex site I would appreciate being told of it. This is the only site that I am on. I. Wifey, reactivated this site almost a year ago and I re-wrote my profile.. Yes.. I am a widow... Yes, I had fun in the 3way game with my late husband. The past is past and my life is an unwritten chapter... and I am having FUN!!!

My ass has gotten a whole lot of mileage over the past 10 years.. I guess it will get some more mileage in the Orient!!! I do have to laugh at the situation...if it was supposed to hurt me... it has not ... nor will it.

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